Poster Information




Abstracts will be available on-line only. Once available, a PDF of the abstracts can be downloaded and printed.

ePosters will be available on the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo mobile app under ePosters. 



All accepted abstracts (unless withdrawn by the official withdraw date) for the AMP Annual Meeting & Expo are embargoed until the first day of poster presentations at the Annual Meeting. The embargo means that the information contained in the abstract cannot be presented or published on any national or international forum (online or print) other than The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics (JMD) prior to publication of the abstract to the JMD.


    Each accepted abstract will be required to present a Printed Poster and upload an ePoster. Please see below for format requirements and general information.

    Required Elements of the poster are as follows:

    • Introduction: a brief discussion of the background or rationale of the study and/or the question addressed
    • Materials and Methods: the experimental approach, materials, and methods used in the study
    • Results: the data and results obtained in the study
    • Conclusions: the conclusions and/or implications of the results

    Including the Abstract is optional unless the scientific content has been altered since its submission. If substantive changes to the data and/or conclusions have been made since the abstract was submitted, the following must accompany the poster presentation:

    1. A clear notice in the poster content stating that the abstract has been revised since submission, and
    2. The revised abstract must either be printed on the poster itself or posted as a separate document on the poster board.

    Printed Poster Format

    Poster Size Requirement: All posters must be no larger 4 ft (122 cm) high x 6 ft (182 cm) wide. AMP reserves the right to remove posters that exceed the size requirement.

    ePoster Format

    ePoster Size Requirement: The ePoster should fit on to one (1) page in a PDF file. AMP reserves the right to remove ePosters that exceed the size requirement.

    • For publishing purposes, the poster upload must be a PDF file at highest resolution possible.
    • All Posters should be in LANDSCAPE (horizontal) format  
    • The complete poster is limited to one slide only. That means one single page for your PDF file.
    • Fonts should be sans-serif (e.g., Arial, Calibri, etc.)
    • Minimum font size should not be smaller than 6pt
    • Do not use flash animation with your slide
    • ePoster upload instructions and deadlines will be outlined in acceptance notifications.


      Poster Tube Storage: Bins for poster tubes will be available throughout the poster sections. Poster Tube Storage will NOT be staffed and is not secured. If you would like to leave your poster tube, please clearly mark it with your name and place it in one of the bins. AMP is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged poster tubes.

      Poster Key

      Poster Terms

      G = Genetics
      H = Hematopathology
      ID = Infectious Diseases
      I = Informatics
      S = Solid Tumors
      TT = Technical Topics
      O = Other

      • Poster List: a sequential listing of all posters by poster number in each category
      • Exhibit Hall Map: will show where to hang your poster - located in the mobile app
      • Author Index: alphabetical (by last name) of authors - located in the mobile app
      • Author Conflict of Interest Disclosures: list of all conflicts of interest disclosed by authors - located in the mobile app


      • The First Author is the Presenting Author.
      • The Presenting Author is expected to register for the Annual Meeting as a scientific attendee (registration information/fees can be found here) and present the poster at the assigned time period (see below) to discuss the study and answer questions.
      • The First Author will also present their work as an ePoster (PDF file) on the AMP Mobile App platform. They should follow the poster guidelines shown on this website.
      • Failure to defend one's findings by not attending the poster during the assigned time period is a violation of the AMP Scientific Integrity Policy and may result in forfeiture of future abstract submission privileges.
      • If the Presenting Author is unable to attend the Annual Meeting to present the poster, every effort should be made to arrange for one of the other authors to present the poster.  AMP Education ( must be notified if the poster will be presented by another author and provide that author’s information.



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      Contact Info:

      John Plonka -

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      Disclaimer: AMP is not responsible for the poster printing services provided by the FedEx Office and



      Author/Presenter Information

      • All posters are on display in the Salt Palace Convention Center.
      • Poster set-up is Thursday, November 21st, 7:30am - 8:30am. All posters must remain on display through 1:30pm, Saturday, November 23rd.
      • All First/Presenting Authors, including Award Applicants, must attend their posters either Friday morning (even-numbered posters) or Saturday morning (odd-numbered posters):
        • Even-numbered posters must be attended on Friday, November 22nd, 9:15am -10:15am.
        • Odd-numbered posters will be attended on Saturday, November 23rd, 9:15am -10:15am.
        • Authors who have more than one even- or odd-numbered poster may either ask another author to attend their additional poster or attend it themselves during the other session. In the latter case, the author should place a note on the poster board alerting attendees that they will attend the poster in the alternate session.
      •  Poster removal is Saturday, November 23rd, 1:30pm-2:00pm. Posters must remain in place until 1:30pm. Posters remaining past 2:00pm will be removed and discarded.
      • Please note that poster-viewing is not eligible for Continuing Education credit.

      Award Applicant (Young Investigator and Technologist Poster Award) Information (in addition to general requirements listed above)

      • All Award Applicant posters display in Poster Number order in the areas of their subject category. They are identified as Award Applicant posters by a card mounted on the poster board.
      • All Award Applicants must attend their posters on Thursday, November 21st, 3:30pm – 5:00pm for interviews with members of the poster reviewing committees.